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At Bayer, we are convinced that our management teams need to reflect all of today’s talent pool as well as all relevant customer groups if we want to stay competitive.

Studies show: The better the balance of management teams, the better the company’s performance.

We have joined the “Chefsache” initiative because we feel that the change towards a better balance of men and women in management needs to be triggered and promoted from the top.

„A better balance of men and women in management is simply good for business: To sustain our innovative advantage and to reflect changes in talent pools and customer expectations.“

  • At Bayer, our initiative to enhance the balance of men and women in leadership positions is lead and driven by our corporate management. Targets are set and progress is monitored by a global steering committee that meets on a regular basis. Its members include representatives of our Group Board of Management as well as the CEOs of our subgroups.
  • Our initiative is special in the sense that we do not concentrate on the underrepresented women but on our leaders because they are the ones who decide who is hired, who is sponsored and who is promoted. It is these managers we want to convince of the advantages of a better balance of men and women in our management.
  • Our ‘Strategic Debates’ highlighting for instance gender based differences in leadership and communications styles have met with good results.
    It is also important not to exclude the men from this process. Development opportunities need to remain open for both men and women. It is the balance that counts.

For a short video summary, please see Business Case for Culture & Gender Balance in Management.

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Business Case for Culture and Gender Balance


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