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As one of the world’s largest employers, Deutsche Post DHL Group is responsible for more than half a million employees.


At Deutsche Post DHL Group, we value the diversity of our employees as a genuine strength. Our high-quality service and financial success are built on their dedication and willingness to come together to share and grow their different skills, experiences, and views. A culture of mutual respect and openness is at the heart of our diverse and inclusive workplace. That’s why we foster professional diversity management and aspire to a working environment free of discrimination.

Dr. Thomas Ogilvie, Member of the Management Board (HR) DPDHL
Dr. Thomas Ogilvie
Member of the Management Board (HR)

“At Deutsche Post DHL Group, delivering equal opportunities for women and men is an integral part of our global diversity program. For this reason, the Chef:innensache initiative is another powerful tool for us to drive societal change in collaboration with other companies.”

General background/milestones:

  • 2000: First received the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for an HR strategy focusing on equal opportunities
  • 2005: Diversity department established
  • 2006: 1st Diversity Congress with Völklinger Kreis e.V. and Wirtschaftsweiber e.V. held at Deutsche Post DHL Group headquarters
  • 2007: Deutsche Post DHL Group signs the Diversity Charter
  • 2009: Rainbownet established for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex colleagues
  • 2011: Received the “German Diversity Prize” in the category “Germany’s Most Diverse Employer”; launched the Group-wide project “Women in Leadership”
  • 2013: Developed and delivered diversity and gender awareness trainings; 1st Diversity Day held at Group headquarters in Bonn; published DPDHL Group statement on diversity and inclusion; co-founder of the Prout at Work Foundation
  • 2014: Inaugural meeting of the DPDHL Diversity Council; 1st International Diversity Week at 80 DPDHL locations worldwide
  • 2015: First received the TOTAL E-QUALITY award with the “Diversity” add-on; 2nd International Diversity Week at 120 DPDHL locations worldwide; presented the first in-house DPDHL Diversity Award
  • 2018: International Diversity Week at more than 400 DPDHL locations worldwide – Deutsche Post DHL Group receives the TOTAL E-QUALITY award with the “Diversity” add-on for the 7th time.

Examples from the HR process:

Our commitment to diversity and equal opportunities is explicitly documented and outlined in our Code of Conduct (2006) and in our Deutsche Post DHL Group Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Statement (2013).

We’ve introduced an efficient and effective committee structure to manage the day-to-day realization of these efforts.

  • In 2013 we set up a Diversity Council, comprising members of top management from our divisions and business areas under the leadership of the Board Member for Personnel. The Diversity Council advises on the further development of our diversity management strategy and defines focal points for initiatives and actions.
  • In 2011 we established a Diversity Core Team, made up of representatives from our various business areas and the Diversity & Values department. This team develops and implements appropriate diversity activities at regional level and worldwide.
  • Over the past few years we have developed and launched a number of tools and activities designed to empower every employee to actively and permanently foster diversity at DPDHL.

Selected actions

  • Diversity e-magazine – information about diversity management trends and best practices
  • Diversity e-learning – awareness training
  • Diversity toolkit – self-assessment guide; a collection of studies, best practices, etc. serving as inspiration for managers and HR managers to identify and implement local diversity activities
  • Diversity Week toolkit for our annual Diversity Week – a collection of ideas, workshop guides, and other inspiration for running local diversity events
  • Diversity dashboard – monitoring of diversity KPIs as the basis for regular updates and communication between managers.

Further activities are intended to continuously increase the share of women in leadership roles, including career planning workshops, career coaching, mentoring programs, and networks for women. This year we kicked off a cross-divisional conference for women in leadership designed to encourage networking and communication.

To help employees maintain a better balance of work and family life, Germany also offers flexible working models and services covering all aspects of childcare. We also use our internal media to regularly report on the importance of mixed leadership teams to our shared success. This is intended to encourage women in our Group to choose a management career path.

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