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Talent management and diversity are fundamental values which are firmly anchored in our corporate strategy.

At IBM, we subscribe to a “Best person for the job” policy. Any job should go to the individual demonstrating the best know-how, capabilities and talents. When it comes to diversity, the promotion of women is a logical extension of our diversity strategy. We will support and shape the change in society. We want to lead by example and offer encouragement. This entails appropriate conditions like flexible work models within the company and a shift of mind set in society.

“Companies need to emphasize the importance of diversity in order to be innovative and remain successful. It is up to us and our daily behavior, to set a positive example and anchor a diverse approach in the very culture of our businesses. We confidently say YES to women in leadership positions and to diverse teams in general.”

Our efforts to attract and develop women in the area of computer science start as early as school level. Since 2002, we have been a regular contributor to the ‘Girl’s Day’ initiative, fostering the interest of girls in technical and scientific careers with activities at more than ten of our sites throughout Germany. We are also a sponsor of the Cybermentor project connecting girl students with women mentors in industry and science.

Our college and university level mentoring program offers female students from different disciplines insights into current IT trends, career entry options and our corporate culture at IBM. Here, we also collaborate with Germany’s IT and new media association BITCOM whose expert panel ‘Women in information and telecommunication technology’ fosters the cooperation between industry and academia. Speedmonitoring at the Women&Work career congress is another project where BITCOM and IBM cooperate and which we helped to design. We also promote the development of new formats like the ‘Panda Career Contest’ which visualizes the leadership competence of women while questioning traditional male perspectives.

Internally, IBM offers a broad portfolio of opportunities for development and networking. Local networks initiate different programs ranging from presentations and workshops to trainings held by women for women. Our personnel development activities include offers specifically for female talent. The WoMenPower congress features workshops, discussions and networking opportunities to sharpen skills and capabilities as well as develop new career perspectives. IBM trainings like ‘Taking the Stage’, ‘Women & Leadership’ and ‘Create your Leadership Journey’ help to raise the share of women on all levels of our organization.

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