Unterbewusstseinserweiternd! - Das Unconscious Bias Training der Chef:innensache

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Did a friend or colleague recommend this training? Is everyone talking about it, even your boss? Maybe you’re asking yourself: what does “unconscious bias” even mean, and why do I need training on it?

Regardless of whether you already know about unconscious bias or not, our Chef:innensache training “How to make fair decisions” helps you finetune your understanding and ensure that any decisions you take are objective.

After all, we’re all susceptible to being led astray sometimes by first impressions and clichés, known as unconscious biases. Without our even being aware, we run the risk of putting labels on people and making bad decisions.

So if we want to promote equal opportunities for men and women, as well as identify and foster the best talent, we have to really pay attention to these issues!

When important matters are on the line, we need to take a breath and make fair decisions – free of any preconceptions.

This Chef:innensache training “How to make fair decisions” highlights areas in everyone’s work life where we come into contact with these types of subconscious thought patterns. The training also offers concrete suggestions on how to avoid unconscious bias and role clichés in various decision making situations.

Try it today and discover everything you ever wanted to know about unconscious bias!

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