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Alignment of family and job obligations Child care and family support

A company’s child care options provide a framework of qualitative and flexible care services, thus contributing significantly to an enhanced alignment of family and job obligations.

Enhanced alignment of family and job obligations

The fact that company day-care centers are usually located directly on the premises or in the immediate vicinity makes for short drop-off and pick-up times and also assures short-term availability in case of need (e.g. in case of illness or accident).

Depending on the size and financial means of the company, the scope of options is quite broad. Beginning with the recommendation of relevant services for child or for instance also for elderly care, options extend all the way to the establishment of company owned facilities

Which model is suited best?

As a first step, the organization assesses the demand for child support or elderly care and evaluates existing local options. This will also include an assessment of the additional funding that can be made available for employee support. The organization will subsidize the service, whether offered through its own facilities or an external partner. Alternatively, an agency can be commissioned to support employees in the search for suitable services.

What are key success factors?

  • Demand assessment;
  • close cooperation with the service providers to adjust the service portfolio and optimize investment;
  • financial support for employees (e.g. for private support services or support beyond regular hours);
  • open communication of available models.

Tips for smaller organizations

  • Cooperate with other smaller organizations in the vicinity.
  • Keep a contingency of places in external care centers.
  • At a minimum: Support employees in their search for suitable services.