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To the top Training

Training formats designed specifically for female potentials can help prepare women for leadership assignments.

Preparing female potentials for leadership assignments

One-on-one coachings and workshops in this category will cover such subjects as personality development, self marketing and career planning as well as explore gender-based differences in communication style and leadership behavior.

Which training programs are appropriate for my organization?

Initially, a qualified team familiar with the organization and its culture will assess training requirements and design appropriate training measures. External experts should be consulted on an as-needed basis. These training measures should be evaluated on a regular basis and refined as necessary. The relevant superiors assure that interested employees can participate in these trainings and dispense participants from their daily responsibilities. The active endorsement by top management underlines the relevance of the program for the entire organization.

What are key success factors?

  • Describe development objectives for every training.
  • Integrate female potentials into the training program design.
  • Require top talents to participate in these training programs (ideally with the option to select appropriate modules).

Tips for smaller organizations

  • Cooperation on the development and management of training programs within a certain industry and beyond helps to reduce the financial burden and necessary resource allocation for each individual organization. One example would be the joint use of external trainers.