Member Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

Our vision: Diversity and the inclusion of individual potentials is standard practice.

Deeply rooted in Baden-Württemberg, we are one of the largest energy providers in Germany. Our motto being: “Promoting the energy transition safely” – “Energiewende. Sicher. Machen.“,we strive to push Germany’s energy transition forward. The basis, which enables this process is having diversity within our team of 20.000 employees and in our way of thinking, thus stimulating creativity and innovative actions.

Our achievements

  • Ingrained the appointment of women to management positions in the management board’s objectives
  • Defined target figures for recruiting and development programs for young professionals
  • Established specific consideration of women high-potentials when staffing leadership positions or projects as well as targeted support when assuming a new function
  • Raised awareness among senior management
  • Defined corporate understanding and vision and developed EnBW diversity story

Selected actions

  • Consulting made available for female potential managers
  • One-on-one mentoring for female high potentials with members of the executive board
  • Driving forward flexible working models for leadership
  • Raising awareness among senior management
  • E-trainings “Diversity Management for managers”
  • Congress: diversity and innovation

Our offers and activities are as diverse as our company is and our tasks are as versatile as the freedom they provide.

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