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Convince and enthuse Internal communication

Perspectives on diversity and the promotion of women into leadership positions can differ significantly within an organization. To varying extents, intended changes are not taken seriously or are even subverted.

Compelling communication can help to reduce reservations while fostering approval and even enthusiasm.

How do you design a compelling communications plan?

A compelling communications plan starts with a compelling „Change story“: Why do we want to change something, and what exactly are the implications for employees? Building on these fundamentals, the communications plan assembles messages, target groups, communication channels and a timeline into one comprehensive concept.

Potential reservations should be actively addressed, and dissenting opinions regarding diversity topics must not be ignored. From the outset, the intention driving the different activities must be clearly communicated. Top management needs to demonstrate full commitment to “walk the talk”. Respected top managers can serve as opinion leaders. Highlighting success stories in form of written features or in-person interviews can add additional momentum.

What are key success factors?

  • Company values and activities are communicated consistently across all functions, supported by top management’s close involvement.
  • Allocation of the financial and personnel resources required to develop and implement the communications strategy.
  • A well-designed timeline helps to prevent information overkill.

Tips for smaller organizations

  • Where no dedicated communications function exists, companies or organizations should contract an external specialist or agency to design a communications strategy.